Save YouTube Videos in 4K, using this Free 4K Video Downloader

Save YouTube Videos in 4K, using this Free 4K Video Downloader

If you’ve ever tried to download a video from YouTube or another video website, you probably already know that this can be more difficult than you’d think. There’s no direct way to download YouTube videos without using third-party software. Even then, it’s difficult to find an easy way to download videos in decent quality, let alone 4K. This problem is solved by using 4K Video Downloader, to save videos in the highest resolution, for free.

How to Download YouTube Videos in 4K

  1. Start by downloading the 4K Video Downloader for free. You can use this software to easily save videos from YouTube, in 4K quality. Once your software is installed, you’ll be ready to begin your first download.
  2. Now go to the YouTube video that you’d like to download, and copy the URL. You can paste the URL into the download manager, using the Paste Link button. This is when you will see your different download options. Choose the resolution and format that you want your video to be saved.

Get 4K Video Downloader for Free

Download Options for 4K Video Downloader

By default, your videos will be saved in your C:\Videos\4K Video Downloader folder. You can change the destined download folder when pasting a new YouTube link.

Video download Subscriptions

There are many different situations where you will find yourself wanting to download all new videos from a specific channel on YouTube. For example, you could set Free 4K Video Downloader to subscribe to downloads from a movie trailer channel. This will download every new video in your specified video format and resolution.

  1. To begin a new subscription, go to Tools > Subscriptions and paste the URL of the channel you’d like to subscribe to. If you have the free plan, you will be prompted to upgrade to one of the paid plans, starting at only $15.
  2. To upgrade to one of the paid plans, you can go to this page, to see their affordable options.

Channel Subscriptions

This downloader can also be used to download videos in an audio format. Many people download royalty-free music from YouTube to use in video editing projects. This is the quickest way to get a high-quality audio file in a specific format that will work with your editor.

Once you give 4K Video Downloader a try, you’ll be hooked on how quick and easy it is to download videos for free. This is an especially useful tool for anyone that works with video editing or social media in general. You can check out a more extensive guide to 4K Video Downloader here.

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