Get 5% cash back on select purchases on your new Apple Card

Get 5% cash back on select purchases on your new Apple Card

The Apple Card comes with plenty of perks that make it stand out. Most notably, users receive 2% cash back on every purchase they make through it. And in some cases, users can get up to 3% cash back when buying from select companies using this card. The Cupertino giant’s latest offer enables new Apple Card users to take advantage of even bigger discounts on select purchases. For a limited time only, new users can get 5% cash back when buying certain Apple products directly from the company.

Apple Card 5% cash back promotion

As per a MacRumors report, new Apple Card customer can receive 5% cash back when buying select Apple products from the company. Users would have to buy them directly from an Apple Store — a physical one, the website, or the official app. This new offer only covers iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac purchases. Additionally, payments must be made in full — monthly installment customers can’t take advantage of the extra cash back. This is a limited time offer that will remain available till January 31.


This isn’t the first time Apple offers a promotion of this kind. Back in late 2019, the company offered all Apple Card users 6% cash back when buying its products. It’s worth noting that this time around only new customers can get the 5% cash back. You can apply for an Apple Card directly on the company’s website.

Apple highlights that its Card customers get unlimited cash back on every purchase they make. So there’s no limit on how much money you can get back from the company. It’s also worth mentioning that the received cash can be sent to friends and family or transferred to a bank account. So there are no constraints on how or where you spend this money.

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