5 Must-Know Programming Languages and How to Master Them

5 Must-Know Programming Languages and How to Master Them

As an aspiring developer or first-time programmer, one of the first decisions you have to make is which language to learn. With hundreds to choose from, the choice can seem bewildering. To help you decide, here’s a look at five of the most important programming languages and some related training bundles at the XDA Developers Depot.


Easy to use and versatile, Python is used extensively in data science and machine learning. The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle helps you master the language, with 70 hours of training on all kinds of Python programming. Worth $1,075, the training is now just $34.


Google Go

This relative newcomer is optimized for multi-core processors, meaning it provides better performance than some older languages. The Complete Google Go Developer Master Class Bundle provides a great introduction, with seven video courses and 50 hours of beginner-friendly training. Order now for $29 to get the bundle, worth $1,400.


If you want to develop Android apps or cross-platform software, you need to know Java. The Complete Java Programming Bootcamp is the best way to learn the language, with 10 courses and 83.5 hours of tutorials on building sweet interfaces. You can get the Bootcamp now for $29 — that’s a saving of over $700.


From drop-down menus and online games to advanced databases, JavaScript is the ultimate tool for web development. The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle helps you explore the full potential of JS, with eight courses and over 42 hours of hands-on training. It’s worth $1,492, but you can get the bundle now for just $31.

Ruby on Rails

What links Airbnb, Hulu, Kickstarter, and Twitch? That’s right, they were all built with Ruby on Rails. If you want to learn this powerful web framework and start building web apps, the Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle offers 108 hours of in-depth training. You can get it now for $39, saving over $2,900.


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