5 NEW iOS 10 Features Android ALREADY HAS!

5 NEW iOS 10 Features Android ALREADY HAS!

iOS is the new software that powers the latest iPhones, packed with all kinds of new features… features that Android users have been enjoying for a while now. Here are the top five new features on iOS that already exist on Android.

1. Raise to Wake

Android has had the same feature called ambient display since Lolipop.

2. Lockscreen Widgets

Android has had lockscreen widgets for so long that I can’t even recall when they were implemented.

3. iOS Photos Facial Recognition

Google’s Photos app has had these features for a good number of years now. Not only that but the Google Photos app has also been available for iOS users as well.

4. Clear All Notifications

iOS has finally put a “clear all” option in their notification menu. Previously you could only remove groups of notifications at a time.

5. Uninstall System Apps

You can now uninstall a selection of system apps from your iOS. This is available for a few apps that apple has decided should be optional.

What other “new” features are in iOS 10, that have been on Android for ages? Let us know in the comments.

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