5 Tech Courses to Guide You Through Programming, Marketing, and More

5 Tech Courses to Guide You Through Programming, Marketing, and More

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to sink thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into a traditional education to break into today’s most profitable industries. The truth is that you can find unbeatable and far more convenient courses online for a fraction of the price. These five courses all represent the best of their genre in technology education, and they’re all on sale for a modest $9. From web and app development to ethical hacking and digital marketing, these courses will help you nudge out the competition and land a lucrative career. 

1. The Complete Android N Developer Course – Build 17 Apps

Android Nougat—the latest and most dynamic iteration of the world’s most popular mobile OS—has been hailed by critics and developers alike for its power and multitasking capabilities. This Android N developer course, led by legendary instructor Rob Percival, features 270 lectures and over 30 hours of content—all geared toward showing you the ropes of Parse Server, Firebase, Admob, and much more. You’ll even learn how to build clones of blockbuster apps like WhatsApp, Uber, and Instagram from scratch.

2. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Long gone are the days when knowing one or two programming languages was enough to make you a successful developer. This web development course introduces you to both the fundamentals and nuances of the web’s most popular and powerful languages and platforms, including HTML5, CSS3, and Python. You’ll learn how to build responsive and user-friendly websites with JQuery, PHP 7, and MySQL 5, while developing blogs and e-commerce sites in WordPress. This course even comes with free unlimited web hosting for one year for the project of your choice.

3. Certified White-Hat Hacker & Penetration Testing Course

Although it may seem a bit counterintuitive, the only people who are fully equipped to anticipate and prevent cyber attacks and hackers are hackers themselves. These ethical or “white hat” hackers command large salaries from both the private and public sector, and this course will outfit you with the skills you need to fight this important fight. You’ll learn how to apply industry-standard concepts to hack systems and networks, master commonly-used tools such as Metaspoilt and Scapy, and even act as a security and penetration testing consultant.

4. Become a Professional Python Programmer

Python is considered to be one of the most popular and important programming languages on Earth due to its power, versatility, and manageable learning curve. With lifetime access to over 30 hours of content, you’ll be able to use this course to grasp everything from the absolute Python basics to the more advanced techniques used by programming professionals in a wide range of different industries—creating 2D and 3D graphs, manipulating and analyzing large data sets, solving “real world” programming puzzles, and much more.

5. The Complete Digital Marketing Course

An online company is only as powerful as its digital reach, and knowing how to craft and implement a powerful online marketing campaign is crucial to driving traffic and converting clicks to revenue. This in-depth course dives into SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics, AdWords, and much more—outlining everything you need to know in order to reach more users and make long-lasting impressions on current and potential customers.