512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may cost €1,250

512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may cost €1,250

Samsung has increased the pricing of every successive new iteration of the Galaxy Note series. The price increase has been mind-boggling in some regions, particularly outside the US. In countries such as India, a consumer could buy two OnePlus 5T units, for example, and still pay less than the launch pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy Note 8’s launch pricing started for $950 / €999 / ₹67,900 /£869. Now, a report by Roland Quandt from WinFuture states that the pricing of the Galaxy Note 9 may even exceed €1,000.

WinFuture states that Samsung will probably not only revise the S Pen, but also launch variants of the device with significantly more storage. While more storage is welcome, the pricing of such a variant is significantly higher than older Samsung flagships.

Today we saw the Galaxy Note 9 be leaked in Coral Blue, Lilac Purple, Brown and Black colorsWinFuture’s report states that according to traders from other European countries, the Galaxy Note 9’s base 128GB variant will cost €1,050 ($1,228). The 128GB variant will be available in black, blue, and purple colors. This means that Samsung will not launch a 64GB variant in Europe.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched in three variants: 64GB/128GB/256GB storage. The Galaxy Note 9, on the other hand, will have a new variant that will come with at least 512GB of internal storage. According to WinFuture, Samsung will not launch a 256GB model of the device for the European market. The dealers no longer list such a model, the report notes.

The 512GB model of the Galaxy Note 9 will cost €1,250 ($1,465). This is a staggeringly high price that indicates Samsung’s will to compete with Apple head-to-head even in pricing. The Note 9 will, at least, offer more internal storage than last year’s iPhone X.  The 512GB model will seemingly only be made available in black and blue.

The iPhone X broke new barriers for smartphone pricing, and it seems likely that the Galaxy Note 9 will do the same in the Android world. To be straightforward, the decision to price the Galaxy Note 9 even higher than its predecessor is an anti-consumer decision, as prices keep increasing with each new flagship generation yet the corresponding improvement in specifications is not equal to the price increase. On the other hand, this makes various affordable flagship devices seem even more competitive, meaning that Samsung’s pricing policy may yet backfire.

Source: WinFuture

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