5G Samsung Galaxy S10 and a 5G LG flagship may debut at MWC 2019

5G Samsung Galaxy S10 and a 5G LG flagship may debut at MWC 2019

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It seems like 5G is going to be a major selling point for smartphones throughout 2019. Not only are wireless carriers going to be advertising their newly upgraded network, but we’ve already seen both Verizon Wireless and AT&T giving Samsung extra marketing attention for their new network. Now we are hearing a new report out of South Korea that goes along with these claims and says both Samsung and LG will be showing off their 2019 5G compatible flagship smartphone at the upcoming Mobile World Conference convention.

The 2019 GSMA MWC in Barcelona will take place from February 25th through the 28th. This not only lines up with previous years, but it also matches a rumor we heard about the upcoming 5G Samsung smartphone. Late last week it was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be announced on February 20th. We generally see smartphones announced a few weeks before they are released, so a late February reveal of the 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 fits right in there.

However, it’s believed that the regular Galaxy S10 variants will not be 5G capable at launch. Instead, a different rumor suggests it will be a special edition Galaxy S10 that will be compatible with this new wireless technology. Not only that but that this special edition S10 will also be equipped with 6 different cameras. Now, we have heard a lot about Samsung and their 5G plans but we haven’t heard much when it comes to LG. That’s why this new report from the Korea Herald sparked our interest as it would be very beneficial for LG to compete with Samsung in the 5G arena with their H1 2019 flagship smartphone.

While Mobile World Congress is scheduled at the end of February, the report claims that both companies are aiming for a March release of their 5G compatible smartphones. LG hasn’t been doing too well in the competition department when it comes to the likes of Samsung, but this could give them the boost they need to snatch up sales. However, if history has shown us anything is that LG will have a limited launch of their flagship in the company’s home country while Samsung will be launching worldwide at around the same time.

Source: Korea Herald