First 5G Specification has been Declared Complete by the 3GPP

First 5G Specification has been Declared Complete by the 3GPP

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The global mobile connectivity market is quite diverse these days. Some countries are currently using 2G for the vast majority of customers, but there are a few who are actively pushing for the next step. 5G is still far off, but we’ve seen a number of tests being conducted by companies including Qualcomm and Samsung among others. As we get closer to the first consumer 5G rollout, it’s important to note that the 3GPP has just declared the first 5G NR specification is complete.

Many of the technologies we use each and every day aren’t owned by a single company. Instead, they are evolving thanks to the work done by an assortment of companies that have banded together. The same is true with wireless connectivity standards which is standardized by an organization known as 3GPP. 3GPP is a collaboration between groups of telecommunications associations known as Organizational Partners. Over time, we’ve seen the 3GPP advance cellular technology from 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G and we’re getting close to consumer 5G devices entering the market.

Even though the official specification had yet to be decided on, the development process has been slow and steady, giving various companies enough time to follow along with the process. Intel has already announced its first commercial 5G modem and a month before that Qualcomm was able to do the same. These modems will continue to evolve until they are used in the first 5G consumer devices, but this type of head start has allowed companies to perform trials as the new technology has evolved.

This week it was just announced that the 3GPP had officially declared the first official 5G specification is now complete. The technical spec itself will be published later on this week, and this is the information that companies such as Qualcomm and Intel will use to finalize their modems. Reports so far claim the spec will offer support for low, mid, and high-band spectrum from below 1 GHz (like 600 and 700 MHz) all the way up to around 50 GHz while including the 3.5 GHz band. It’s been said that the first 5G networks for consumers will begin rolling out in 2019 and this will continue throughout 2020.

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