Here are the 7 new features OnePlus is adding to OxygenOS

Here are the 7 new features OnePlus is adding to OxygenOS

OnePlus debuted the IDEAS program in March this year to get direct community feedback on OxygenOS. During its first run, users submitted over 5,000 ideas on the platform, with over 25,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments to help OnePlus pick the best ideas. The company chose 5 new features from these submissions, which were brought over to OxygenOS over the last few months.

After the successful beta trial, OnePlus announced IDEAS 2.0 in September this year. The second run just culminated a few days ago, and as per a recent post from the company, it was even more successful. IDEAS 2.0 received more than 7,300 submissions from 5,427 active community members, which generated over 12,000 likes and 8,800 comments. Out of all these submissions, OnePlus has now picked 7 new features that will soon make their way to OxygenOS. These include:

  • Add an FPS counter option to Game Space
  • Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback
  • Lockscreen customization
  • Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus devices and vice-versa
  • Power Diet — an aggressive battery saving mode that would greatly extend the battery life of OnePlus devices by limiting most non-essential apps and features
  • Black, instead of the current gray, dark mode or an option to switch between either
  • Partial screenshot

In response to the FPS counter idea, OnePlus said that it has been in the works for quite some time, and it will be released in a “future system update.”  The per-app volume controls idea was also in consideration, and OnePlus initially plans to separate the volume controls for media and notifications sometime next year. For the lockscreen controls idea, the company stated: “we’ve been working on the possibility of customizing components like AOD and the lockscreen. As this is an integral part of the whole OS plan, it takes longer to get it implemented.”

Talking about the wireless transfer idea, OnePlus stated that a solution was already in the works. However, the company didn’t share a definite release timeline. Similarly, OnePlus revealed that the optimized dark mode experience and partial screenshot features were already in consideration. But, as of now, there’s no release date for either. As for the Power Diet idea, OnePlus gave quite a vague response, that said, “We have also observed that when users are in scenarios where charging is inconvenient, the value of longer-lasting battery life takes precedence over a more comprehensive application usage experience. So, we also think it is necessary to implement such a feature. When users enable this feature, we will do our best to prioritize ensuring the battery life as much as possible.”

Much like last time, OnePlus has also shared a list of features that won’t be added to OxygenOS, along with a detailed response about why the company chose not to include the feature. Here are all the features that OnePlus won’t be adding to OxygenOS anytime soon (click on the links to see OnePlus’ response):

  • Hole punch camera notification alerts
  • Desktop mode
  • Work with social media companies to improve camera optimization
  • iOS 14 back tap gestures
  • Preventing screen burn-in by subtle pixel shifting
  • Customizable battery charge level
  • Dual audio in Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint customization
  • Notification ring
  • Improve the image processing
  • Animations during accessory pairing and connecting
  • Navigation bar customizations
  • Replace the Google dialer with OnePlus dialer
  • Notification count on icons (App badges)
  • Battery health
  • Classic layout on OxygenOS 11

OnePlus rejected the hole-punch camera notification alerts and notification ring ideas due to potential screen burn-in issues. The desktop mode idea was rejected once again because of the lack of “valid and valuable input” from the community. For social media camera optimizations, the company noted that the poor image quality was a result of compression algorithms used by third-party apps, and it couldn’t make changes in OxygenOS to address the issue.

The iOS 14 back tap gestures idea was dropped due to potential accidental touch issues. OnePlus didn’t adopt the pixel shifting idea as it has already implemented measures to prevent screen burn-in in OxygenOS 11. The customizable battery charge level idea was not adopted because OxygenOS already offers a similar “Optimized Charging” feature.

The dual Bluetooth output idea wasn’t selected as it had a “relatively limited range of usage scenarios,” and OnePlus didn’t pick customizable fingerprint animations as the idea was already reviewed during the OnePlus IDEAS beta run. You can see OnePlus’ responses to the remaining rejected ideas by following the source linked above.

As mentioned earlier, OnePlus hasn’t revealed a definite release timeline for 5 of the 7 features that it will be adding to OxygenOS. But we expect the company to share more details about these upcoming features in the near future.

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