8K video playback is now available on YouTube for some Android TV models

8K video playback is now available on YouTube for some Android TV models

While many creators offer 8K content on YouTube today, most viewers on the platform don’t have access to a supported device to stream content at that resolution. And the few who do have an 8K TV lying around can’t stream videos at that resolution because the YouTube app for Android TV doesn’t support 8K streaming. But that’s set to change soon, as the latest YouTube for Android TV update brings limited support for 8K streaming.

According to a recent report from Android Police, YouTube TV for Android v. 2.12.08 includes support for 8K streaming to TVs running Android 10 and above. The changelog states that the update brings 8K streaming support to a limited number of devices, but it doesn’t specify exactly which models are supported right now. In case you have a supported device, you should see a new 8K setting in the video quality options on supported videos.


Along with the limited 8K streaming support, the latest YouTube for Android TV update brings another noteworthy change — Cast Connect support. For the unaware, Cast Connect will let users control casted media on their Android TV with the TV’s remote control instead of controlling it with the device that’s casting the media. This should, in effect, make casting a more seamless experience on Android TVs.

Interestingly, there appear to be two different changelogs for the latest YouTube for Android TV update. While the original changelog does include 8K streaming support, it doesn’t include the Cast Connect feature. Instead, it includes AV1 HDR playback support, but Google seems to have removed that from the updated changelog. You can check out both the changelogs in the changelog section below.

YouTube for Android TV v.2.12.08 changelog

  • Original changelog:
    • 8K video playback support
    • AV1 HDR playback support
    • Improved network performance on some devices
    • Fixed font issues on some devices
    • Fixed issue that black screen is shown on initial launch
    • Various other platform improvements
  • Updated changelog:
    • Display YouTube Music splash screen
    • Cast Connect support
    • Limited 8K support to Android 10 and up
    • Improved resolution selection
    • Fixed incorrect date and time issues
    • Various other platform improvements

In case you wish to try out 8K video streaming on your TV, you can try sideloading the latest update from APKMirror. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to watch 8K content on your TV as it’s currently limited to a few devices. If you happen to own a supported device, do share your TV’s make and model in the comments below.

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