Document the Story of Your Social Life with 8tory

Document the Story of Your Social Life with 8tory

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The different forms of social media are growing every day. It’s hard to imagine a day without using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. If you are not a very communicative person, you can certainly still appreciate the ability to use social media logins to sign up to various websites. In short, social media as a whole is difficult to live without.

Every few weeks or months, we see one or several new social media platforms pop up. One of the newest is 8tory. XDA Forum Member carlsmileee recently presented a client application for this service that has some interesting functions worthy of mention. The application automatically stores the best moments of your life (according to the app of course), monitors the physical path where photos have been taken, and sorts them by locations. You can also see photos of users using 8tory nearby.

This application is a nice alternative to all of popular social portals. It uses Facebook to sign up, which is a bit humorous, but like I said before social networks are useful in multiple ways.

If you want to give this application a try, we recommend you to visit the 8tory client application thread. You can find more details and download links there. Go there and share your photos with pride!