A New Mid-Tier Smartphone Is Coming to Project Fi Later This Year

A New Mid-Tier Smartphone Is Coming to Project Fi Later This Year

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If you own a Pixel/Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, or Nexus 6P, there’s a fairly good chance that you use that handset with Google’s own Project Fi phone service. Ever since its launch back in 2015, Project Fi has been locked down to only officially support Nexus and Pixel-branded smartphones, and according to a tweet from the official Project Fi Twitter account, it looks like the service will soon be expanding its product lineup.

After one Twitter user tweeted Project Fi and said that they were being forced to leave the service following the result of their Nexus 5X dying and there not being enough device choice in Fi’s lineup, the Project Fi account then responded with the following message:

Google hasn’t hinted at any new Project Fi-compatible smartphones up until this point, so we really aren’t all that sure what to expect. Right now, there are two possibilities to look forward to.

One, Google is simply opening up Project Fi and will soon allow third-parties to make hardware that’s officially supported by the service. Two, there’s some sort of mid-range Pixel smartphone in the works that could be announced alongside the Pixel 2 later this fall.

Both potential outcomes are great for Project Fi, and although we aren’t sure what the likelihood is for a mid-tier Pixel smartphone, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little intrigued as to what that would look like. One of the biggest complaints for the Pixel and Pixel XL were their high price tags, so if Google could release a more competitively priced version of the Pixel for Project Fi, we have a feeling that something along those lines would sell incredibly well.