A Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire on Southwest Airlines

A Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire on Southwest Airlines

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While this incident doesn’t mean the new, replacement Galaxy Note 7 units are having the same issue as before, this certainly doesn’t bode well for Samsung. This person on Southwest Airlines says he had his Galaxy Note 7 replaced by AT&T on September 21st. If we remember back, we told you that AT&T had new units of the Samsung smartphone to replace the defective ones on that very date.

The Verge was also able to talk with the owner of this Galaxy Note 7 and was able to get some photos of the device, as well as the box. Samsung told their customers to look for two indicators so they know whether or not their replacement Galaxy Note 7 is safe or not. They said we’ll know if the device is safe without even needing to open the box by a big black square on the sticker. Then, we can also tell it’s a new unit thanks to the green battery indicator in the status bar.

Sadly, the man’s Galaxy Note 7 is burnt up so there’s no way of telling that it had the green battery icon in the status bar. The photo of the box does show the big black square though, so again it seems to indicate that his Galaxy Note 7 was indeed a safe unit. Now, just because the device was deemed safe, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t ever have issues. Sadly this just isn’t how things are when it comes to smartphones right now.

The batteries in our mobile devices can be volatile and some cases of exploding batteries are expected to happen. It shouldn’t happen at the frequency that we saw when the Galaxy Note 7 was first released, but it’s just something that happens because of the batteries we use in our smartphones. There were even reports of at least two iPhone 7 units catching fire last month. These incidents are bound to happen when a company sells millions of devices. Luckily, the result of this instance was mere carpet damage.

Source: WQAD