AAWireless forced to change CPUs for future production which will result in price increase

AAWireless forced to change CPUs for future production which will result in price increase

AAWireless, a dongle that enables wireless Android Auto on wired head units, began shipping to backers earlier this month after raising money through IndieGoGo. Unfortunately, due to supply constraints, the developers behind the device are being forced to change CPUs for future production, which will result in a higher retail price.

In an update on its Indiegogo page, XDA Recognized Developer Emil Borconi said after it completes a backlog of orders, it will have to use a different CPU going forward. This will ensure there are no further delays with production.

The new CPU will mean a few things. AAWireless will have to redesign the board and change the current CPU from RK3308 to RV1109. “The new CPU is a massive overkill for our product, as is even the current one,” Borconi said. “But due to the shortage and lack of components, we have no real other choice then (sp) to go with this.”


The second thing is that the more advanced CPU costs nearly 50 percent more than the old one, which means the cost of AAWireless will go up. The good news is the cost won’t be passed on to current backers. But new pledges will have to pay more.

It’s an unfortunate development for such an exciting product. AAWireless provides users with a plug-n-play experience that connects to a vehicle’s entertainment system with a USB port and your smartphone via WiFi. It means you will no longer need to plug your device in to your head unit every time you get behind the wheel.

Based on what it says on the IndieGoGo page, the second generation AAWireless will cost $75, $10 more than the first model. People are quickly backing the new AAWireless model, so you better jump on it now if you want wireless Android Auto.  Barring any unforeseen setbacks, the second generation AAWireless will start shipping in June.

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