Access the Contents of Your Android Device from Your PC with Browsix

Access the Contents of Your Android Device from Your PC with Browsix

Do you long for ease of use? Maybe a world with no cables, complex connections, or sync issues? If you answered yes to the previous questions, then XDA member spolfliet may have something to tickle your interest. Browsix is a very interesting little app that will allow the user to access all the contents of his/her Android device directly from a browser in the computer. Not sure about letting such an app in your phone? Don’t worry, as opposed to other apps of its kind which may work via much less secure routes like 3G, this one works over WLAN, so only you and those on your network will have access to your device. The app is really simple to use and accessing your device is no different and no more complicated than opening your e-mail in a browser.

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Hi everyone, I just released Browsix. If you install my app, you can do the following from another PC in your local network:

  • Download, upload, delete, rename,… all your files using the file manager (PC <=> Phone)
  • View your photos.
  • Listen to your music.
  • Watch your videos
  • NEW: Send and receive SMS messages

You can find more information in the application thread.

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