AccuWeather brings hyperlocal forecasts for Premium Plus subscribers

AccuWeather brings hyperlocal forecasts for Premium Plus subscribers

Mobile weather apps are almost as old as the phones themselves. They’re essential tools that users rely on every single day to predict the local weather and take action accordingly. However, finding a reliable and accurate weather app has always been an obstacle. Apple buying Dark Sky and shutting it down on Android didn’t help either — as it was one of the best weather apps available on the platform. What makes Dark Sky so special is its ability to predict hyperlocal weather forecasts and provide timely alerts. By removing it from the Google Play Store, Apple left a big gap in the weather department on Android. AccuWeather has decided to step up and fill this gap, but that comes at a cost. The company has introduced a new Premium Plus subscription tier that provides users with hyperlocal weather forecasts and alerts.


AccuWeather Premium Plus is a new subscription tier that costs $19.99 per year. Subscribers will get access to hyperlocal forecasts, relevant weather alerts, and future features that the company is working on. These include app customizations, widgets, and more. Unfortunately for free users, though, the persistent temperature notification now requires the Premium Plus subscription. Following the update, non-subscribers will just see AccuWeather’s icon in the status bar — rather than the current temperature in their location.

Introducing our new Premium+ subscription, launching with Accuweather Alerts:

Clear & Concise: Our expert meteorologists analyze dangerous weather and provide actionable insights.

Actionable weather warnings: They complement government warnings describing potential threats for better decision-making.

Hyperlocal: Localized alerts describe how threatening weather may impact your neighborhood.

AccuWeather’s existing Premium subscription remains available for $8.99 per year. However, it includes neither the persistent temperature notification nor the hyperlocal weather forecasts. It’s also worth mentioning that the Premium Plus subscription option hasn’t fully rolled out to all users yet.

Will you be subscribing to AccuWeather Premium Plus to check hyperlocal weather forecasts? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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