AcDisplay 3.4: Pick Your Own Widget

AcDisplay 3.4: Pick Your Own Widget

You’ve probably heard of AcDisplay by XDA Recognized Developer AChep. If not, its goal is to inform you about new notifications while your screen is off. To do that, it shows you a minimal screen with intuitive gestures to view, clear or action the notification.

AcDisplay is usable out of the box: you just need to grant it some necessary permissions (which is made easy since it prompts you about them) and you’re good to go. That being said, it comes with plenty of options you can explore if you want to tweak it to your liking. You can have it ignore certain apps, use the system’s wallpaper, change the used font, set inactive hours and much more.
In addition to all that, the latest version will also allow you to modify one of its most visible parts: the default clock widget.

AcDisplay Default Widget 2AcDisplay Default Widget 1

This gives you the ability to replace the default clock with any widget you want. DashClock will probably be a favorite and turns AcDisplay into a real dashboard, but you could also use a music widget or any other. This change will affect AcDisplay globally, whether you use it strictly for new notifications or as your keyguard.

By default, the custom widget will not be clickable to avoid accidental unlocks. However, you can toggle that behavior in the settings if you’re planning to interact with the widget.

AcDisplay Custom Widget Example 2AcDisplay Custom Widget Example 1

As usual, AcDisplay 3.4 also brings several bug fixes and updated translations. Head over to the AcDisplay XDA Forum thread to get it right now. If you prefer to get the update from the Google Play store, you may have to wait for a couple of hours as 3.4 was published moments ago.

AcDisplay is open source and published under the GPLv2+. If you’d rather build it yourself or even send your contributions, check out the AcDisplay GitHub repo. You can also help with translating it to your language!

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