User gets Google Play Store working on 2014 Acer Chromebook C720P

User gets Google Play Store working on 2014 Acer Chromebook C720P

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As you may already know, Google’s Chrome OS is a pretty minimalist browser-based operating system with simplicity in mind. They have never been used as powerhouses or for power-intensive tasks. But, installing Android apps via Play Store on Chromebooks has been possible for a while now. Unfortunately, not all Chrome OS devices are supported. Many people have been trying to run the Play Store on unsupported devices here on XDA forums. Today, Junior Member nabil2000 managed to get the Google Play Store on the 2014 Acer Chromebook C720P.

He mentioned in his tweets that he suspected the device was capable of installing Android apps, so he gave it a shot. He did some hacking here and there and finally managed to run Android apps on the 2014 Chromebook. For the trick to work, you need to upgrade a kernel and adjust some things. He also posted a modified image with Play Store built in.

If you have Acer Chromebook C720P and want to run the Play Store and many Android apps with it, just head to the thread and follow the instructions. It may not be the easiest or the most straightforward process, but it’s the only way at this moment. Even Nabil mentioned that “it was convoluted but doable.”

Install Play Store on Acer Chromebook C720P