Acer Will No Longer Be Selling Smartphones in India

Acer Will No Longer Be Selling Smartphones in India

India is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world. Companies like Google, Xiaomi and OnePlus have looked at this growth and have started to invest in getting their brand known within the country. Bringing their phones, apps and services to as many people within the country as possible. This move has been lucrative and successful for some, but not so much for others.

LeEco has been having financial issues due to their expansion plan, and they’ve been forced into laying off a number of workers within the country. Even Google wanted the country to adopt their initial Android One program, but they decided to change the guidelines when it didn’t turn out to be as popular as they had first hoped. There is a lot of potential with the mobile smartphone market within India, but some countries are finding it difficult to be successful.

This week, it was reported that Acer has announced they will no longer be selling smartphones in India. Instead, the company says they would rather focus their efforts in to expanding their laptops and other hardware businesses within the country. This is a company that has been selling hardware in the country since 1999 too and then shifted to sell smartphones there about 6 years ago. One of Acer’s top India executives has come out and said this change is because multiple government policies have made it difficult for them. They feel the government would rather have small businesses succeed in the country than larger corporations. Then they also talk about how smartphones have become a commodity based on its price rather than its experience.

We’re starting to see this in other markets too. Markets where it’s getting harder and harder for OEMs to sell as many high-end premium devices when compared to the mid-range and low-end market.

Source: Mashable

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