Action Launcher Beta v26 Is Here; Adds a Ton of Android O Features

Action Launcher Beta v26 Is Here; Adds a Ton of Android O Features

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Action Launcher (arguably one of the best third-party launchers on the Google Play Store), just got updated to its latest beta version. We’ve seen plenty of other apps introduce beta programs that allow select users to try out new features before they’re officially released to the masses, and this is exactly what developer Chris Lacy is doing with Action Launcher.

In the latest beta for Action Launcher v26, there are a ton of new Android O features to play around with – most notably the redesigned App Shortcuts interface. Along with the visual change from App Shortcuts that were first introduced in Android Nougat, the Android O-style ones in this launcher also show any notifications you’ve received from specific apps and faster access to the Quickedit feature that allows you to change the icon of an app, rename it, and more.

Support for notification dots by app icons has also been added, and v26 of Action Launcher also introduces the new widget selection UI present in Android O.

Other smaller changes include a new, “Icons & App Shortcuts” page within the launcher’s settings, a tool for adjusting the scale of icon indicators, and a brand-new interface when choosing apps that you want to be hidden from your app drawers.

Even more features will be added to the beta of Action Launcher v26 leading up to its full release, and you can join the public beta program via the link below.

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