Action Launcher Updated to v32, Adds 200 More Icons to AdaptivePack

Action Launcher Updated to v32, Adds 200 More Icons to AdaptivePack

Android gets a lot of love from the development community thanks to its vast number of customization options. People love to personalize their devices, and it doesn’t get much more personal than Android’s home screen, which lets you swap out wallpapers, add widgets, and reorgnize application shortcuts. Still, some folks want even more ways to customize their devices, and that’s where third-party home screen replacements come in. Action Launcher is one of the most popular, and to celebrate its fifth birthday, developer Chris Lacy has released the newest edition, version 32.

Version 32 a “spit and polish” update that focuses more optimization and stabilization than new features. The biggest user-facing change is the addition more than 200 icons to AdaptiveIcons, a companion application that allows Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat devices to take advantage of Android Oreo’s Adaptive Icons feature

Action Launcher v32 Changelog

  • All new installs of the app will default to a Pixel Launcher 2 style appearance.
  • Key features such as the dock search box and Oreo style app shortcuts no longer require the Plus upgrade.
  • For Android 8.1’s users, an Oreo style banner displays in the settings requesting the Storage permission, so that Action Launcher can access the device’s wallpaper for its Quicktheme feature.
  • The recent focus on performance and bug fixes continues, with boot time optimizations and a bunch of key bug fixes.

Version 29 of Action Launcher was released a couple of months ago, and its standout addition was the fully customizable Pixel 2 style search bar in the dock. The transition of the Google search bar under the dock icons is one of those changes which some people enjoy but others really dislike. So it’s great to have a custom launcher that has the option of using it or not. Later that month Action Launcher users received another update to version 30 which included the “at a glance” search widget, colored search box icons, and more.

Action Launcher has received a number of updates this year, and it’s only gotten better over time. Back in July of this year, it received an update to version 26 that added Google Now integration, support for Android’s new Notification Dots feature, Android 8.0-style app shortcuts. Version 28 of Action Launcher, meanwhile, marked the launch of AdaptivePack.

The newest release of Action Launcher is available at the source link. If history is any indication, though, it won’t be long before there’s a new update.


Source: Chris Lacy

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