Action Launcher v29.0 Brings Fully Customizable Pixel 2-Style Dock Search Bar

Action Launcher v29.0 Brings Fully Customizable Pixel 2-Style Dock Search Bar

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One of the key changes of the new, renewed Pixel Launcher included with the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL is that the “G” pill on the top of the launcher was swapped for a search bar located under the app dock, while the top now houses an informative widget. This new design has received mixed opinions, and no third party launchers as of now support it, so many themers have attempted to recreate its look and feel through widgets during the past couple of days. Since there’s still no Pixel Launcher APK to be seen, though, those interested in getting this look but are not too keen on theming now have a third party option to rely on: Action Launcher.

The newest Action Launcher update, v29.0, includes support for adding a persistent search bar under the dock of the device. This means that you will not only be able to use the Pixel 2 bar on your phone, but you will be able to customize it at will using the built-in “Quickbar” editor. So you will be able to change the shape, color and logo of the bar, and you will even be able to place shortcuts inside the search bar. The Quickbar feature has also been properly updated with even more customization options for Action Launcher users.

If you’re interested in having the Pixel 2 search bar on your phone, then go over to the Google Play Store to download the application or update it, as it has already been rolled out outside of beta stage. Action Launcher is the first launcher out there to feature the bottom search bar, as other popular third-party options like Nova Launcher have not yet implemented this feature since the Pixel Launcher has not been updated yet on the Play Store. You can download Action Launcher through the button below. Also, keep an eye on the official Action Launcher thread to be informed about coming updates.

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