Action Launcher v30 Update Brings “At a Glance” Search Widget, Colored Search Box Icons and More

Action Launcher v30 Update Brings “At a Glance” Search Widget, Colored Search Box Icons and More

Custom launchers have always been popular on Android. Although Nova Launcher probably still remains the most popular third-party launcher, Action Launcher’s popularity has been accelerating quickly, thanks to its timely adaptations of Pixel Launcher features as well as unique functionality which it has had for years. It has now been updated to v30, bringing the “At a Glance” widget from the Pixel Launcher of the Google Pixel 2. The widget displays the date, weather and any upcoming calendar appointment.

In the v29 update, Action Launcher gained the Pixel 2-style dock search box. While the dock search box had limited customization capabilities in v29, the v30 update significantly expands the customization capabilities available. It does by introducing a dedicated icon editor that allows theming of dock icons with “en-vogue Google colors.”

Action Launcher v30

The new dock dock search box in Action Launcher v30

In addition, the dock search box has been refined to more closely match the size of the new Pixel Launcher, and it now has better support for Google Assistant.

In the v28 update, AdaptivePack was launched as a companion for Action Launcher, bringing Adaptive Icons to Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat devices. Today, the companion app has also received a substantial update. The icon count in AdaptivePack increases by 250, meaning it now supports over 2200 apps. Dynamic calendar support is also now available, which enables the Google Calendar app to display the current date. Action Launcher itself has also added support for the TouchWiz icon style, and the dynamic clock icon supports Adaptive cons.

According to the developer of Action Launcher, the v30 update includes the usual bug fixes and stability improvements. Also, compatibility with the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 devices is said to be markedly improved.

The detailed breakdown of the features and fixes of v30 can be found at the source link below. The latest update for Action Launcher is now available on the Play Store. It contains a Plus in-app upgrade which unlocks many features.

Source: Action Launcher
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