The ad-supported Netflix tier might limit the app’s functionality

The ad-supported Netflix tier might limit the app’s functionality

Netflix is one of the most popular TV streaming services available out there. What started as a basic DVD rental platform eons ago has slowly grown into a more diverse entertainment hub. The company now has its own original catalog of series and movies. That’s not to mention the dozens of exclusive mobile games it provides. For a single monthly fee, the company grants you access to its offerings, and you get to stream your favorite titles on the go. After all, Netflix is available on almost all of the commonly-used devices and operating systems. So you get to start a show on your living room’s Smart TV and resume it on your phone as you commute.


Though, as the company struggles to maintain its present subscribers and gain new ones, it has been looking for new ways to appeal to the masses. For example, it started cracking down on password sharing in certain regions. This is to motivate users to get their own paid accounts. Whether this tactic works or backfires is irrelevant. Another strategy is launching a cheaper, ad-supported tier.

We already know that the ad-supported Netflix plan won’t include all of the shows currently available. Though, it seems like the company will also be limiting the mobile app’s functionality for users on this particular tier. According to Steve Moser‘s findings, the ad-supported Netflix plan won’t allow downloading content for offline viewing. Additionally, the app might prompt users to answer some questions. That’s to personalize the ad experience and provide more relevant ones. The text that Steve has found in the mobile app states:

Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads.

Now, let’s set up your ad experience.

We just need a few details to make sure you get the most relevant ads on Netflix. It’ll be really quick, we promise!

It’s unclear when this Netflix plan will launch and how cheaper it will be. It’s also yet to be seen whether it’ll help the company gain more subscribers — by appealing to users on more limited budgets.

Do you plan on subscribing to the ad-supported Netflix tier? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: The Tape Drive with Steve Moser

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