How to set up ADB & Fastboot on an x86_64 Chromebook running Chrome OS

How to set up ADB & Fastboot on an x86_64 Chromebook running Chrome OS

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ADB and Fastboot are tools that every Android developer and power user should be intimately familiar with. They’re powerful command line programs that allow you to use your PC to interface with your smartphone, whether it be for app debugging or modifying the software. Setting up ADB/Fastboot is fairly simple if you have a PC running Windows, macOS, or a GNU/Linux distribution, but Chromebooks running Chrome OS have a little trouble doing so. Thankfully, Chrome OS 67 brought support for ADB in Developer Mode just as we expected, meaning it’s now possible to set it up without needing Crouton. If you have a Chromebook with an x86_64 chip, then you can take advantage of a script that handles everything for you.ADB & Fastboot Chromebook

There aren’t a lot of steps involved and the process is fairly simple—you just need to copy and paste commands from the tutorial into the Chrome OS Shell. XDA Recognized Developer nathanchance‘s guide covers the steps needed to install ADB and Fastboot on Chromebooks with the x86_64 architecture. The process of installing ADB and Fastboot includes power-washing (AKA completely wiping) your device. In addition, your Chromebook will be less secure as you need to enable Developer Mode. If you have a Chrome OS tablet like the HP Chromebook X2, then you can follow the guide here to enter Developer Mode.

The install script from the repository does most of the heavy-lifting for you, and Nathan has included the steps required to utilize the script as well. If you run into issues while running ADB  and Fastboot like the lack of a verification prompt on your smartphone or Chrome OS not being able to recognize your device, restarting both your Chromebook and your smartphone should do the trick. Let us know whether you were able to install ADB & fastboot successfully!

Guide to set up ADB & Fastboot on x86_64 Chromebooks