Simplify ADB Usage with Universal Utility

Simplify ADB Usage with Universal Utility

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Android Debug Bridge (or simply ADB) is a set of tools included in the Android SDK package. It consists of both client- and server-side programs that communicate with one another. To properly use ADB, your PC must have proper binaries, a command tool like Terminal or Command Prompt, and USB debugging must be enabled on yoru device.

ADB usage isn’t overly difficult, but sometimes entering long commands is a very tedious task. If you haven’t had a chance to use ADB before or just would like to make command usage more efficient, you should definitely check out a tool made by XDA Forum Member Lars124. Universal ADB-Helper is a Bash script that helps you use ADB in the most convenient way. It has the ADB binaries required to make the protocol work, so you don’t have to worry about obtaining them yourself. With this utility, you can reboot your device into a certain mode (Fastboot, Recovery), install apps, pull a logcat, or delete the PIN code / pattern on CyanogenMod ROMs. This might come in handy if you frequently change your password and unwittingly do so to one that you no longer remember.

Universal ADB-Helper can be used either on rooted and unrooted devices. Before using it, make sure to enable the USB Debugging in the developer options of your phone and grant ADB permission to your PC. As always, you can enable developer options (required to enable USB Debugging) by tapping “Build Number” several times at the About Phone settings page.

This utility is perfect for those who’ve had absolutely no experience with ADB before or those simply tired of manually entering commands. You can check it out by heading over to the ADB Universal Utility thread to learn more.