Adbuix v0.0.1 – A GUI for ADB on Linux

Adbuix v0.0.1 – A GUI for ADB on Linux

Adbuix is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on the Linux Operating System.

Developed by XDA forum member KodieG, it eliminates the work of remembering commands or typing out directory paths when using ADB to modify files on your Android device.

Adbuix eliminates the need to type out the command in a terminal;  for example, to copy an application from your computer desktop to your device, click the file that you want to copy, click the folder that you want to copy, and then click the copy button.

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Known Bugs

  • Clicking the “Restart Server & Refresh” button in the devices menu doesn’t work and causes the program to crash.
  • Clicking the “Check for Updates” on the main screen doesn’t work and causes the program to crash. (However, you can download the update bash script and use it to check for updates here:
  • When using the program with an emulator instead of an actual device, in the file manager, folders have file icons instead of folders, but everything works as expected.
  • Clicking on the Help button on the main screen will prompt you to visit the “Adbuix Help Page” but only takes you to because the help pages hasn’t been made yet.
  • Desktop shortcut that is made during install proccess is called “Adbuix.gambas” and has the “Gambas” icon when it should just be called Adbuix and have the Adbuix icon.
  • When running Adbuix from the desktop shortcut, it claims you are using Adbuix version 0.0.0 but really it’s 0.0.1. You can just delete the desktop shortcut.

Once the Linux version is complete, KodieG has indicated that a Windows version and maybe an OSX version will be developed.


Adbuix is still in early beta, and KodieG has warned that it may be unstable, however this is a great start to getting a GUI up and running for ADB.

For more information, and to support KodieG, check out the application thread.

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