Add Owner Photo to About Phone Settings Page

Add Owner Photo to About Phone Settings Page

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Google recently added the Quick Settings panel, which displays your profile photo if you’re logged into Google+. This photo can also be used in other places. You just need a few tools and a couple of minutes to do some minor modifications.

One place suitable for this photo is the About Phone page in your Settings menu. Fittingly, XDA Forum Member nightwalker wrote a handy guide on how to add this feature to your personal ROM. One must also mention XDA Recognized Themer b16h22, who originally authored the guide.

To make said changes, you need APKTool (or any variant), a good text editor, your Settings.apk file pulled directly from your device, and a nice cup of coffee. To make the necessary changes, you need to decompile the application with APKTool, replace some PNGs and variables in the XML, and also modify some smali files. After the process, re-compile the Settings.apk, and push it back to your device using ADB.

You can find more information about smali editing and the process of modification in the guide thread. You can also visit a guide by b16h22. Head to these two links to get started adding your own photo to your settings menu!

EDIT: Due to some copyright issues, the owner of the thread was changed. We would like to apologize for any problems.