Adobe Premiere Pro for Apple Silicon comes out of beta

Adobe Premiere Pro for Apple Silicon comes out of beta

Today, Adobe is releasing Premiere Pro version 15.4, and while there are a bunch of new features, the big story is that it comes with native support for Apple Silicon. Apple’s custom ARM processors are cable of running both native ARM64 apps and emulated x64 apps; however, native always performs better.

In fact, some features are a lot faster. For Scene Edit Detection, Adobe is promising a 70% boost from an Intel-based MacBook Pro to an M1-powered unit, and a 50% boost over a Windows machine using an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 GPU. On top of that, Adobe Premiere Pro 15.4 is much than previous versions to begin with, offering up to 80% improvements.


There are, of course, more features in Adobe Premiere Pro version 15.4, such as Speech to Text, another feature that uses Adobe Sensei. It automatically generates transcriptions for you, with the company promising to same you a whole bunch of time when compared to other work flows. Speech to Text supports 13 languages. You can also search through transcripts, find spots in the video where things were said, and more. And naturally, this can be used to create captions in your video.

There are a bunch of improvements to titling and caption styling tools as well. You can now add multiple shadows to individual text layers, something that you can learn more about here. There are also improvements to Text Backgrounds, with adjustable rounded corners and more.

Adobe also has a new feature that will let you convert your Legacy Titles into Source Graphics. It should be an easier way to upgrade to the current format.

One other key change is that Adobe Premiere Pro 15.4 comes with automatic audio device switching. You can still set your own, of course, but now you won’t have to worry about unplugging your headphones and having to manually set the new output device. And finally, CUDA and OpenCL is no longer supported on macOS, since Adobe is focused on Metal for graphics.

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