Ads Suck. So bad. Remove Them with XDA Ad-Free

Ads Suck. So bad. Remove Them with XDA Ad-Free

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Ads suck, and we’re really sorry about any ads that have annoyed you on XDA in the past. We’re constantly yelling at our ad network people to remove any auto-play ads or ones that pop up in your face. In fact we have a thread dedicated to reporting bad ads, and we monitor it closely.

The reality is that ads help us pay the bills. XDA is a real company with real employees that have real salaries. We also have over 15 servers to run the site and they’re not cheap. Until the day we can figure out how to remove all the ads from the site and earn revenue in other ways (which, long-term, is a major goal for us), we must serve ads. And yes, you can use an adblocker, because that is your right. But ad-blockers don’t help us in any way.

If you want to give back to XDA, you can pay a little to remove all of the ads from the site with XDA Ad-Free. As of today, about 319 XDA users have opted in, and they seem to be pretty happy with the cleaner, faster browsing experience it has given them. As long as you’re logged in, all ads from the Portal and Forums are gone, like whoosh.

You can also gift ad-free to other members if you want to say thank-you in a different way besides a donation or a click of the “Thanks” button.

So that’s it. We’re not going to be annoying about promoting ad-free. We just wanted to let you know that if you want it, it’s there. Oh, and we made a video about XDA ad-free!