ADT Pulse App Won’t Run On Rooted Devices Anymore

ADT Pulse App Won’t Run On Rooted Devices Anymore

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Recently more and more companies are deciding to disable their products for rooted devices, or when the device has an unlocked bootloader. While most of the applications still work on custom firmware, the likes of Netflix or Pokémon Go use Google’s SafetyNet to block it. It appears that the latest update of ADT Pulse brought SafetyNet API to block rooted devices.

ADT Pulse is an application that allows managing a number of things in your house. With the remote app, the user is able to control various physical devices within Internet-of-Things. XDA Senior Member RED ZMAN tipped us that his application suddenly stopped working on a rooted device.

I’ve been a member of XDA Developers for a long time so I try to send in tips when things happen. The ADT security companies Pulse app was updated today and with no warning downloading it you have no ability to run it at all anymore if you are rooted. Even with magisk hide root enabled. You can take a look at the reviews for it over the last 24 hours and see what’s going on. They are responding to other posted reviews but posted reviews but done talking about this issue. This is always worked just fine and then now many users have no way to arm or check the status of their house and cameras while they’re gone. On my Nexus 6p with pure Nexus I should be fine when I upgrade to the latest version as I’m a month or two behind but for other users, they’re screwed.  considering that we pay for this service and it has worked for four years and there have been no updates to any of the user agreements and such I thought you all should know.


Redditors on /r/Android corroborated this news, and added that using Magisk Hide fixes the issue. Rooting a device gives freedom and allows endless customizations, even in 2017. While ADT’s decision is up for debate, it’s sad that it affects thousands of users that use root for legitimate purposes. If you are using ADT Pulse on a custom or rooted phone, check if your Android client works properly. If not, you should give Magisk a try.