“AdultSwine” Play Store Malware Shows Pornography in Games for Kids

“AdultSwine” Play Store Malware Shows Pornography in Games for Kids

Researchers at Check Point have discovered new malware hidden in about 60 games and applications on the Google Play Store. It’s dubbed “AdultSwine”, and it displays pornographic advertisements, entices users to install fake security applications, and tries to make users sign up for premium services.

The infected apps, which are mostly aimed at children, have been downloaded between three million and seven million times, according to Google Play Store download statistics.

How AdultSwine Works

malware adultswine google play store

Operation flow of AdultSwine // Source: Check Point

AdultSwine works in a fairly straightforward way. Once the user downloads and installs an affected app and launches it for the first time, the malware begins to send device info to a command and control server. The server sends configuration files tailored to the infected phone or tablet, which in turn determine the operations the malware can perform.


AdultSwine Displays Pornographic and Inappropriate Advertisements

The primary goal of AdultSwine is to make its creators money, and one way it accomplishes that is by displaying pornographic and other inappropriate advertisements. The command and control server determines which ads are displayed and when, and it keeps the malware active even when the user switches to another, uninfected app by injecting advertisements where possible.

Once online, AdultSwine checks which applications are running and where it can inject advertisements. It displays ads from two different networks: One legitimate (but annoying) one, and a second one created specifically for AdultSwine that contains a host of inappropriate and pornographic ads. These ads are presented to users regardless of their ages or browsing habits.

AdultSwine has an interesting self-preservation method it uses to avoid detection: It doesn’t inject ads into applications such as browsers social networks, where they’re likely to be more conspicuous.

AdultSwine Uses Scareware Tactics to Entice Users to Install “Security” Applications

AdultSwine’s other tactic is to entice users to install “security” applications by claiming that their device is infected, and by “recommending” apps can remove the virus for them. In one instance, researchers at Check Point were redirected to install a browser which would allegedly remove a “virus”.

It might seem like an obvious example of scareware — the browser in question didn’t actually remove viruses. But the target audience — kids — might not be able to tell.

AdultSwine Tries to Register Users with Premium Services

In yet another scheme designed to exploit children, the AdultSwine tries to register users for premium-rate services. It displays advertisements which the users have to click, and once they do, those ads tell users they can win a free iPhone by answering four questions. After answering those questions, it gives users the option of claiming the free iPhone by entering their phone number. But there’s no iPhone — instead, the phone number is used to sign up for premium services.


AdultSwine Could be Much Worse, But It’s Still Pretty Bad

While we have seen malware capable of doing much more damage in the past, AdultSwine isn’t any better. It clearly has a different agenda, but it’s just as malicious in nature and should be uninstalled as soon as possible.

Here’s a list of all applications known to be infected by AdultSwine:

Apps with AdultSwine Malware

  • Five Nights Survival Craft
  • Mcqueen Car Racing Game
  • Addon Pixelmon for MCPE
  • CoolCraft PE
  • Exploration Pro WorldCraft
  • Draw Kawaii
  • San Andreas City Craft
  • Subway Banana Run Surf
  • Exploration Lite: Wintercraft
  • Addon GTA for Minecraft PE
  • Addon Sponge Bob for MCPE
  • Drawing Lessons Angry Birds
  • Temple Crash Jungle Bandicoot
  • Drawing Lessons Lego Star Wars
  • Drawing Lessons Chibi
  • Girls Exploration Lite
  • Drawing Lessons Subway Surfers
  • Paw Puppy Run Subway Surf
  • Flash Slither Skin IO
  • Invisible Slither Skin IO
  • Drawing Lessons Lego Ninjago
  • Drawing Lessons Lego Chima
  • Temple Bandicoot Jungle Run
  • Blockcraft 3D
  • Jungle Survival Craft 1.0
  • Easy Draw Octonauts
  • halloweenskinsforminecraft
  • skinsyoutubersmineworld
  • youtubersskins
  • DiadelosMuertos
  • Draw X-Men
  • Moviesskinsforminecraft
  • Virtual Family – Baby Craft
  • Mine Craft Slither Skin
  • Guide Clash IO
  • Invisible Skin for Slither IO app
  • Zombie Island Craft Survival
  • HalloweenMakeUp
  • ThanksgivingDay
  • ThanksgivingDay2
  • Jurassic Survival Craft Game
  • Players Unknown Battle Ground
  • Subway Bendy Ink Machine Game
  • Shin Hero Boy Adventure Game
  • Temple Runner Castle Rush
  • Dragon Shell for Super Slither
  • Flash Skin for Slither IO app
  • AnimePictures
  • Pixel Survival – Zombie Apocalypse
  • Fire Skin for Slither IO app
  • San Andreas Gangster Crime
  • fidgetspinnerforminecraft
  • Stickman Fighter 2018
  • Subway Run Surf
  • Guide Vikings Hunters
  • Woody Pecker
  • Pack of Super Skins for Slither
  • Spinner Toy for Slither
  • How to Draw Coco and The Land of the Dead
  • How to Draw Dangerous Snakes and Lizards Species
  • How to Draw Real Monster Trucks and Cars
  • How to Draw Animal World of The Nut Job 2
  • How to Draw Batman Legends in Lego Style

You can read the original report at the source link.

Update 1/13/2018:  Google has removed apps affected by AdultSwine from the Play Store, according to Reuters. “We’ve removed the apps from Play, disabled the developers’ accounts, and will continue to show strong warnings to anyone that has installed them,” a Google spokesperson told the publication.

Source: Check Point Source 2: Reuters

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