Advanced Power Menu, Settings, and More on the Sony Xperia M2

Advanced Power Menu, Settings, and More on the Sony Xperia M2

Of the more less known devices from Sony, the Xperia M2, is quite a hidden gem. Though it’s not as powerful as its flagship siblings of 2014, it’s relatively low price tag, large screen, quad-core CPU and 4G capability makes for a decent device. Released with Android 4.3 and upgradeable to 4.4, it retains the many cool functions featured on devices such as the Xperia Z2 and Z3. However, if you’re looking for something extra for your Xperia M2, XDA Senior Member DanielFlorin has got you covered.

DanielFlorin has developed three mods for the Xperia M2, all of which will certainly enhance the device’s functionality. The first is ‘advanced settings’, which adds a variety of useful settings and options to the native settings of the device, including:

  • CPU Control
  • CPU Stats
  • CrossBreeder
  • Mobile BRAVIA Engine
  • Image enhancement, including X-Reality and Vivid
  • Autostart settings
  • Advanced Header in settings menu
  • Superuser in Advanced settings

‘Superuser Mod’ is the second mod, and it allows you to install custom Xperia themes, as well as a range of apps from newer Xperia devices which would not otherwise show up. And the third mod is ‘advanced power menu’ which includes extra options and actions such as reboot, boot into recovery and bootloader in the power menu.

If you own an Xperia M2 and would like to check these mods out, visit the Xperia M2 ‘advanced settings’, ‘Superuser mod’, and ‘advanced power menu’ mod threads for more details.


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