Advantages to Using a VPN

Advantages to Using a VPN

Why VPNs Are Good for Anyone

In today’s world of higher and higher technological advances, there becomes a greater need for better cyber security. One way to up your own security game and protect yourself against threats over the Internet is to get yourself a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

VPNs can do a few things for you. They give you a more secure connection rather than just using any old wireless connection provided by wherever you happen to be. They can also give you access to content that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to when you’re traveling to other parts of the world. When you use a VPN, you can remain anonymous too. Your location won’t be able to be determined based off of your IP address.

In this article, we’re going to go a little further into the reasons that anyone will benefit from using a VPN. And then just touch on a good one to check out. If you are interested, you can also read this ExpressVPN review for more information about one of the most reliable VPNs now on offer.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Instead of sending and receiving data back and forth over a public network, the VPN allows you to send information sort of over that public space to reach your private network on the other side. All of the information that you are sending and receiving stays encrypted so that others who may be watching the public spaces can’t see what you’re doing.

VPNs were first used in corporate environments. They were created so that employees who were not on-site could access the work applications that they needed remotely from wherever they were at the time. It’s kind of like having a data tunnel that you can use to send data through that’s blocked to the rest of the world.

Benefits of a VPN

In terms of cyber security, a VPN definitely gives you more of that. There are other benefits too though. Having one of these is great for people who travel a lot and who don’t want to lose access to content from home based on where they’ve traveled to. You also get to use the Internet while maintaining anonymity when you connect through a VPN.

  • Cyber Security – When you connect to the Internet using an available WiFi connection, you don’t know what kind of security is in place and what’s not. That access is public, so while you are a law-abiding, upstanding citizen, the guy next to you may not be. Which means the guy next to you could be waiting to see what you’re about to do on the Internet and what information he can steal about you.

If you connect over a VPN, that guy who’s waiting won’t be able to see what you’re doing on the Internet because you’re sending your information past the public connection to your private network on the other side. Your data will be masked or encrypted so what you’re doing stays private.

  • Bypass Geo-restrictions – Governments of other countries, as well as entities within countries set geo-restrictions on content that you think you’ll be able to access anywhere you go because it’s over the Internet. There are all kinds of web content that you won’t be able to get to if you travel to another country that at home you could see just fine.

An example of this is with streaming services. You might think that you’ll be able to view your favorite show while you’re on your vacation to the other side of the world. But that’s not always the case. Same thing with major sports events. Often, the establishment hosting the event will block people from other countries from being able to watch the event online. If you have a VPN that has an IP address from your home country, or from the country of the sporting event you want to see, you’ll be able to access the content you want without issue.

A good VPN for streaming use is ExpressVPN. Some VPNs are better for certain kinds of usage than others.

  • Anonymity – As we said above, the VPN will have an IP address that is tied to a certain location. That means that if yours is located in the U.S. but you’re in China, your connection will make it appear that you are in the U.S. If anyone is looking, they’ll think you’re in America, not in China where you actually are.

Final Words

Most VPNs can be tried out for free. Then if you decide you want to continue to use one, you can sign up for whatever package you feel meets your needs the best. You can do a monthly subscription most of the time or even just pay for the entire year and save money doing it that way.

In any case, it’s something that could save you a lot in the form of headaches later. Having a VPN will keep you safe from cyber criminals. It will allow you to access content whenever and wherever you want that you may otherwise be blocked from. And you can remain anonymous when you move about the world.


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