Advertisements can soon show feeds in a Google Ads app campaign and deep link from YouTube and Gmail

Advertisements can soon show feeds in a Google Ads app campaign and deep link from YouTube and Gmail

With all the devices and services that Google offers to consumers, it’s easy to forget that a large part of what the company does revolves around advertisements. Google is responsible for a lot of the ads you see around the Internet, and it’s also how people make money from ads. Google recently announced some new ways for customers to reach their marketing goals.

Here’s a quick summary of the announcements:

  • Test My Site: revamped microsite for providing marketers and developers recommendations on increasing site speed and performance

  • Feeds in App campaigns / Deferred deep linking: helps brands surface a wide range of products directly in their ads and brings users to the specific app product page upon app open

  • Deep linking expansion: originally available on Search, Display, and Shopping ads, we’re expanding deep linking from YouTube, Hotel, Gmail, and Discovery ads.

  • Ad destination report: new report type to help understand where consumers are landing and converting from ads.


There are a couple of features to dive into a little deeper. First, Feeds in App Campaigns and Deferred deep linking. In the screenshots below, you can see a couple of different feeds in app campaigns across Google and YouTube. A feed is essentially just a list of products that are defined in a unique way. In the example above, you can see products organized by subcategory and “Top Products.”

Deferred deep linking is all about smoothly transitioning users from an ad to an app. Above, you can see how a user can tap a product in the Wish ad, install the app from the Play Store, and then be taken directly to the product in the app. You don’t have to install the app and then go hunt for the product you saw in the ad.

Deep linking is a feature that makes it easy for users to tap something in an ad and go directly to the relevant page in an app. Google is expanding this feature to YouTube and Gmail. In the example above, an ad for groceries appears under a YouTube cooking video. The user can tap “Shop Now” and be taken directly to the store’s app.

These features are great for advertisers and users alike. Anything that makes it easier for people to take immediate action without breaking the flow is a good thing to retain shopper interest. Google urges advertisers to visit the Advertising Solutions Center for more information.

Source: Google

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