AirDroid 3 Update – Win a Year of AirDroid Premium!

AirDroid 3 Update – Win a Year of AirDroid Premium!

AirDroid has just received an update that gives AirMirror compatibility to most Samsung phones. This comes just days after their poll to decide the next IM client to receive support ended, showing Telegram as the winner and most likely to receive attention in the coming months.


The latest update has brought significantly improved AirMirror compatibility to Samsung phones. Airmirror now works on most rooted Samsung phones running Android 4.0 and above.

AirMirror is a new feature introduced in AirDroid 3 for both windows and mac desktop clients. With AirMirror, you can see your phone’s screen and take control remotely using a mouse and keyboard. The most popular use case they have seen for this feature is chatting through the mobile messaging apps on computer, so that you don’t have to switch from computer to phone. A great opportunity for those in offices or lectures where you don’t want to be seen on your phone!


samsung air mirror

Also included in the update is:
AirDroid lists other devices (Android, PC or Mac) on the same network much faster, so you can chat and share files with them more easily. and finally, Booster is now compatible with Android M. Booster allows you to release RAM and helps manage your phones processes faster.

Since version 3.1.2, AirDroid has allowed users to reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages directly from the notification on your desktop. Among the other most desired clients were: Telegram, Kik, Line, Viber and Hangouts. To make the development process fair on the users, a poll was created to determine which would likely see integration first.

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To celebrate the update, AirDroid has provided us with 20 codes to unlock the premium features of the app for a year! These features include:

  • Unlimited file transfers
  • Larger files transfer
  • Folder transfer
  • Multiple device support (up to 6)
  • Remote camera access
  • Take photos of people attempting to unlock your device
  • Priority support
  • Remove promotion messages.
  • Dial and talk to people remotely

To enter for a chance to win one of the codes (each with a value of $19.99), all you have to do is comment with the answer to the question below and we will pick 20 random winners.

 How would your current set up be improved by AirDroid?

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