AirDroid Windows/Mac Client New Support & Features

AirDroid Windows/Mac Client New Support & Features

AirDroid is one of the best applications for managing your files and chats from your phone on a PC, and there’s no shortage of useful applications one can find for this platform. Not only does it have file transfers, but it can also mirror various phone operations on your computer – which makes it perfect for productivity. Now AirDroid takes its functionality a bit further:


The newest AirDroid update for its Windows and Mac clients, released just moments ago, significantly expands functionality by bringing some new tricks to the most desired feature since AirDroid’s mirroring. With v3.1.2, AirDroid allowed users to reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chats from their computer’s AirDroid pop-ups, and while these are some of the biggest chat clients, AirDroid followed suite on the poll featured on our giveaway and has now added support for Telegram and Kik, meaning you can now send messages on these clients through your computer as well.


Other than that, the update brings support for new languages as well as some healthy bug fixes to make the experience more pleasant than before. To enjoy this update, your Android app must be updated to version 3.1.3 (released last Thursday). You can find the changelog below:


Client v3.1.3

New features:


  1. Reply to Kik, Telegram messages from notifications directly. (Android 5.0+)
  2. New languages: Русский (Russian), Português (Portuguese, Portugal)

Bug fixes & improvements:


  1. Optimized connection interruption alert to be more friendly.
  2. Added an option in Settings to hide SMS notification content.
  3. Other bug fixes and improvements.
  4. Mute all notifications by default when running full-screen program. (Mac)


In case you haven’t gotten around to it, you can get the official AirDroid client for your computer on the AirDroid website.


What are your thoughts on the update? Let us know below!

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