The Android Go Alcatel 1X goes on sale in the US next week for $100

The Android Go Alcatel 1X goes on sale in the US next week for $100

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Google introduced Android Go as a specially designed version of Android that was to be used by smartphone OEMs on ultra low-end smartphones. This allows Google to continue developing the regular branch of Android for more modern hardware while also offering something special for those emerging markets. So far Android has done well for these emerging markets, but these low-cost Android smartphones can find success in the more developed markets as well. This is why Alcatel is launching the Android Go-powered 1X in the United States next week for less than $100.

We’ve known that Alcatel has been busy working on a handful of new smartphones for their 2018 lineup. As the year has gone by they have brought more devices to market, but it was all the way back in February of this year when we learned about the specs of the Alcatel 1X. It was then when we learned that the Alcatel 1X was going to be the company’s Android Go smartphone and that it would be shipping with a 5.3-inch FWVGA 18:9 display. Inside the Alcatel 1X is sporting the MediaTek MT6739 SoC and its base model will have 1GB of RAM.

Today’s announcement shows that Alcatel is going forward with this device and that they will also be selling it in the United States for under $100 at Amazon. It has 16GB of expandable storage, an 8MP rear camera paired with a 5MP front-facing shooter, and is powered by a 2,460mAh capacity battery. Android Go is going to be a big selling point for a lot of people, though, so customers will also be using all of Android Go specific applications that come with the platform. This includes Google Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Google Assistant Go, and even some optimized applications such as Facebook Lite.

The Alcatel 1X with Android Oreo (Go edition) will work on GSM unlocked networks and will be available for purchase via Amazon next week while also coming to Walmart and Best Buy “in the coming weeks.”

Source: Alcatel