Alcatel Introduces Undercutting Budget Smartwatch

Alcatel Introduces Undercutting Budget Smartwatch

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Alcatel, the chinese OEM known for its budget phones and lower priced flagship phones such as the One Touch Idol, has announced their entry into the smartwatch game by introducing us to their affordable wearable, a round-faced competitor to Google’s Android Wear platform, and the highly anticipated Apple Watch.

Alcatel has contributed to the proliferation of cheap entry level smartphones in markets such as South America and third/world demographics, while also having a strong presence in Europe. Their authority in the low-end segment has led them to a 48 percent year to year grow, and they are now committed to applying their same strategy onto the wearables sector.

According to The Verge, their new device is both boldly and simply named Watch, and will be available “at a fraction of the cost of competitors.” However, Alcatel has not provided details on hardware specifications or pricing yet. Their goal is the same as in the smartwatch market: to sate the demand for cheap yet functional devices, and being one of the first to delve into the affordable smart-watch market, they can potentially get a big share of the global wearable revenue.

Watch will connect to Android smartphones but thus far we haven’t heard of support for other platforms. Amongst the features mentioned were music controls, camera controls, and the now primary selling point of a smartwatch: phone notification support. It also has sensors to monitor daily activities, something almost every competitor has incorporated to merge the fitness band and smartwatch into a single unit.

The Watch features a fully round display, unlike the acclaimed Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch which featured a “flat tire” bar at the bottom of its screen to accommodate for its ambient light sensors. Alcatel claims they tried to achieve “the same look and feel of the original watch”. The device’s panel is surrounded by an outer ring that as of yet has not been revealed to be an active part of the display, but the pictures revealed suggest they are static.

Alcatel will offer various accessories and customization in the form of different bands (so far we’ve seen both a plastic and metal strap) and styling choices. More information on pricing, availability, specifications and software will be available at CES 2015. We will cover any details and news when we get them.

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