Alexa is Coming to the Amazon Android App (This Week)

Alexa is Coming to the Amazon Android App (This Week)

Not to be confused with the Alexa standalone app

Amazon’s Alexa is available on a wide array of different platforms, and starting this week, the virtual assistant is now making its way to the Amazon app on Android.

iPhone users have been able to use Alexa in the Amazon app since March, and from what we’ve seen so far, Alexa for the Android Amazon app works just like it does over on iOS. In other words, you can use Alexa to see what the weather’s like, catch up on the week’s biggest stories, order an Uber, turn off your connected lights, etc.

This added functionality is certainly cool, but having it within the Amazon Shopping app is slightly odd. Amazon’s proven time and time again that Alexa is one of the world’s most powerful virtual assistants to-date, but is the company’s shopping app the right place for it? Given it could be integrated with, you know, shopping… then yeah, it might be.

The Amazon app has previously featured basic voice commands for adding items to your cart, searching for products throughout Amazon, and tracking previous orders. The features could be access by tapping the microphone icon in the upper-left-hand corner of the app, and this is what Alexa will be replacing. You’ll still have those voice features present in an unobtrusive manner, but now tapping on that microphone will allow you to do much more than basic product tracking and ordering.

Alexa’s presence in the Amazon Android app was first spotted by Twitter user Nick Schwab, and shortly after this sighting, Amazon confirmed to TechCrunch that Alexa will be rolling out to all Android users throughout the remainder of the week.

I currently don’t have Alexa on the Amazon app on my Google Pixel, but I’ll be sure to keep checking throughout the weekend. I’m more of a Google Assistant guy myself, but it might be fun to play around with Alexa every once in and while – even if I will be tempted to buy more things I don’t need when opening up the Amazon app to use it.

Via: TechCrunch

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