Save up to $100 on HUAWEI Watch GT2- AliExpress Summer Sale Event

Save up to $100 on HUAWEI Watch GT2- AliExpress Summer Sale Event

The AliExpress 618 summer sale event begins on June 15th and continues through June 21s. It is one of the two biggest China-originated online shopping festivals of the year. This year especially when shopping online seems to be a safer and cheaper choice for most consumers, the 618 Summer Sale event seems to be extremely ambitious with their discount strength being the biggest so far. Huawei just unveiled their 618’s latest deals. This includes several competitive discounts and high-value coupons for some of their bestsellers like the Huawei Watch GT2, of which the final checkout price can be even less than half of the original retail price.


The offers of Huawei’s 618 sales on AliExpress are made up of three different discounts: the platform level discounts, the shop level discounts, and the product-specific discounts. Some of the shop level coupons started on June 10th in the sales preview phase and bigger discounts will be started on June 15th. Among all the must-buys, Watch GT2 specifically will have up to a $100 markdown. Here is a quick guide that will help you to get it at the best price:

Step 1: Copy the super half-price discount code: HALFGT2 (limited to 50 pieces and should be used before June 21st), and use when checking out. This is the most rewarding discount code ever for Watch GT 2. Apply this coupon to instantly save $79.99 when checking out.

AliExpress Summer Sale Price

Step2: Get the AliExpress $10 off on orders over $100 coupon code: get10 (limited to 3000 pieces)

AliExpress $10 off Coupon

Step 3: Purchase the $5 for $20 coupon here, which is the most rewarding discount in the shop for Huawei Watch GT 2.

AliExpress Pay $5 Get $20 Coupon

The discounts and offers during the 618 sales can be a bit complex and some of the coupons code are time-limited. In a short summary, in the best circumstances, you can get a Watch GT 2 for only $55 with a free Band 4e. Just make sure that you place your order among the first 100 customers.

Additional to these discounts and coupons, you can get a Huawei Band 4e for free if you are one of the first 100 Watch GT 2 buyers and stand a chance of winning a P40. This deal is not exclusive to Watch GT 2. You can order any product in the store and get a Band 4e for free (limited) to 100 pieces.

Free HUAWEI P40 and Band 4 promotion

If you miss the chance of placing order among the first 100 customers, there are also other ways that you can easily get cash rewards. For example, simply sharing your Huawei product must-buys on any social platforms and send back the screenshot to customer service and receive a $10 off coupon.

HUAWEI $10 Discount

Other interesting rewards may be a surprising plus if you participate in the game Flip “N”. You could walk home with one more Huawei Band 4 Pro, or coupons up to $100. Click here for more details about the game.

Play Flip “N”

Of course, other products also have great mark-downs during the sale, including Freebuds3i (US $128.56 89.99), Watch GT 2e (US $170.00 119.00), etc. All sales info can be found on Huawei AliExpress Store.

Have fun while shopping the 618 Summer Sale event!

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