Alleged LG G6 Render Shows a Similar Design to the LG G5

Alleged LG G6 Render Shows a Similar Design to the LG G5

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Details about the LG G6 have been pretty scarce this year. A rumor earlier this year claimed that LG would be ditching the metal build material next year for a glass one. Even though the LG G5 was built with metal, it received a lot of complaints in reviews for not feeling as premium as other devices on the market. We even just heard about the possibility of LG releasing the G6 earlier than usual so they won’t have to deal with certain competitors at launch.

Other than that, we’ve heard the LG G6 would adopt MST technology for their mobile payments system and another rumor claiming they’re ditching the modular design (even though they have come out and said otherwise). With a bunch of reports and rumors going around the community, the only thing that is clear is that LG wasn’t happy with how the LG G5 sold. Oddly enough, a new rumor suggests the LG G6 will have a similar design to the LG G5.

This rumor comes to us thanks to a collaboration between Android Authority and @ShaiMizrachi. The leak suggests the LG G6 will be 149.4mm tall, 72.4mm wide, and then says that while they’re unable to “confirm exact numbers,” we can expect it to be a little thinner than the LG G5. We’re not sure if the LG G6 will have the modular design, or even a removable battery (like we saw in the LG V20), but the wide camera cut out suggests it will have 2 rear cameras.

The cutouts also suggest they will likely stick with a metal build with the LG G6, unlike we heard with previous rumors. Technically, they could use a rear panel of glass with this design, but the cutouts being so close together would likely make the glass very brittle. As with all rumors, we should take this with a grain of salt, but we could be looking at the design of LG’s upcoming flagship.

Edit: Android Authority has subsequently made the following amendment in their article:

Upon contacting other sources, were hearing conflicting information around the design. We now believe the below leak is a very early design, which may, or may not, be the current design of the LG G6.

Source: Android Authority