Alleged Surface Pro 8 leaks with all of the features you wanted

Alleged Surface Pro 8 leaks with all of the features you wanted

We’re just a few days away from Microsoft’s big Surface launch, where we’re expecting to see the Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro X, Surface Go 3, Surface Book 4, and Surface Duo 2. Today, it seems that the Surface Pro 8 has leaked in all its glory. The leak comes from a screenshot of a store listing alleging to sell the Surface Pro 8; obviously, it’s not confirmed.

The leak comes from @Shadow_Leak on Twitter, and while the screenshot isn’t in English, the tweet doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

First of all, it has the goodies that you’d expect, including 11th-gen Intel processors and removable storage. These were included in the business-exclusive Surface Pro 7+, and as I said in my review at the time, the whole reason that product existed was to maintain compatibility with legacy peripherals, while the real Surface Pro 8 would come later.


Next up is the 13-inch 120Hz display. If you look at the image above, it’s pretty similar to a Surface Pro X with narrow side bezels and bigger top and bottom bezels. The top bezel houses an IR camera and an FHD webcam (Microsoft is one of few OEMs to use FHD webcams since 2014 with the Surface Pro 3), while the bottom bezel is bigger to make room for the way the keyboard folds up against it.

Close up of Slim Pen

Surface Pro X

Also just like the Surface Pro X, the Surface Pro 8 is going to have a keyboard with a pen garage, assuming that the image is accurate. The device will use the Slim Pen, which wirelessly charges while housed inside of the Type Cover. This also implies that the device will be thinner, as the whole reason the Surface team made that move with the Pro X was to compensate for it not being thick enough to magnetically attach it.

Unfortunately, Windows Central’s Zac Bowden says that the image is not accurate.

And of course, the refresh rate is 120Hz, as dynamic refresh rate is going to be a feature of Windows 11, Historically, high refresh rates have been tied to gaming, so this should make for a better experience for everyone. This is something that we were already expecting.

Side view of Surface Pro X in Platinum

Surface Pro X

That’s not all though. The Surface Pro 8 is going to come with two Thunderbolt 4 ports, assuming that the leak is correct. Indeed, in 2021 (even three or so years ago), Microsoft is the only Windows OEM that sells flagship Intel-powered PCs without Thunderbolt. It’s a feature that’s long-awaited by Surface fans, and Microsoft has historically cited security concerns as to why it never used the interface. Presumably, the company will explain what changed where this is finally possible.

This is the first fully redesigned Intel-powered Surface Pro since the Surface Pro 3 set the standard for the product back in 2014. Remember, the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 has a completely different charging port, a Wacom pen, and 16:9 screens. The Surface Pro 3 gave us Surface Connect as we know it, N-Trig pens, and the 3:2 aspect ratio, all of which are staples to Microsoft’s hardware today.

Naturally, being a leak from an unknown source, it’s fair to be skeptical about this. We’ll find out what the Surface Pro 8 looks like for sure on Wednesday.

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