[Possibly Redmi Note 5] Xiaomi Device Featuring 18:9 Display with Rounded Corners Surfaces on China’s TENAA Website

[Possibly Redmi Note 5] Xiaomi Device Featuring 18:9 Display with Rounded Corners Surfaces on China’s TENAA Website

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It seems that China’s TENAA certification website is just leaking devices left and right today. Earlier we saw what was said to be the HTC U11 Plus appear on the website and now an unannounced Xiaomi device is up there as well — possibly the Redmi Note 5. It was inevitable that Xiaomi would release the device since its Redmi Note 4 was such a hit, but until today we haven’t really heard any credible rumors about it. If this ends up being the Redmi Note 5 then Xiaomi fans should can look forward to the company following the latest trend of the year.

Last year we saw a trend of improved camera quality across a number of big contenders in the smartphone market. Samsung and LG have always been toward the top but we also saw Google step up their game with the camera used in the Pixel and Pixel XL. That trend is continuing this year but we’re seeing more of a focus on slimming down the bezels on the front of the device, and adopting taller screen aspect ratios like 18:9. Even low-end and mid-range devices are starting to feature such taller displays with smaller bezels. Xiaomi just launched the successor to their Mi Mix concept phone which arguably reinforced this paradigm shift in the first place, and this image shows it will reach other devices as well (with some added bezel, though).

Granted, this device doesn’t slim the bezels down as much as the Mi Mix and Mi Mix 2 did, but it does remind me of the LG G6. LG reduced those top and bottom bezels even further with the release of the LG V30 and Google’s Pixel 2 XL had to be extended due to the front-facing speakers. However, I think this is a nice compromise because I catch myself actively watching where I hold the Pixel 2 XL, so my thumb doesn’t overlap the bezels and cause an accidental tap.

For the price that Xiaomi typically charges for their Redmi Note series, this device (if it is indeed the Redmi Note 5) will be a great contender for the larger sized mid-range devices. What makes us doubt that this is, indeed, the Redmi Note 5 though is that it does not feature dual cameras, which we expect on the next Redmi Note given the widespread adoption of such setup in this segment. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Xiaomi announces the device.

Source: TENAA