Allo Web is Finally Available to the Public, Works Like WhatsApp Web

Allo Web is Finally Available to the Public, Works Like WhatsApp Web

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At the Google I/O developer conference last year, the company announced they were launching a couple of mobile-first messaging applications. Allo was said to the simple messaging application to compete with the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others while Duo is a video chat service that offers what many of these do, but really competed with FaceTime. This news shocked and disappointed a lot of people because they had been waiting for a redesign of Hangouts for a long time.

Instead, we only got more chat clients. Both Allo and Duo were launched with very few features and only recently have they been able to fill in the gap of missing features so they can better compete with other messaging platforms on the market. Still, there isn’t a shortage of criticism when it comes to Google’s messaging platforms because it can be difficult to see what their end goal is here. Allo has a number of features that are still needed if it wants to compete with the rest of the market, and for a long time this was a way to use it from the web.

Even Hangouts had a way for its users to send and receive messages from the web, so it was strange that Google launched Allo without this functionality. Many felt that Google wouldn’t even release such a feature because the company has been shifting to a mobile-first mentality for a few years now. However, early this year a Google executive teased what the web portal of Allo looked like at that stage in development, and this started to get a lot of people excited.

A little less than 6 months later and Allo Web is finally available to the public. It should be noted that this is not a standalone web portal for the Allow messaging service (like we saw with Hangouts). Instead, it’s more like how WhatsApp Web handles things (your phone needs to be on and connected to the internet). A quick look at what is offered today shows that it has some missing features when compared to the mobile application (we couldn’t find a way to mute group chats, shout, and so on). You’ll also need to pair the service with Google Chrome with a simple QR scan, and after that you’ll be good to go.

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