Amazfit plans to introduce ECG and blood pressure monitoring on future products

Amazfit plans to introduce ECG and blood pressure monitoring on future products

Huami, the company behind smart wearables brand Amazfit, is said to be working on introducing new features for consumers. With various products under its portfolio, including affordable health trackers, we can expect Huami to introduce ECG and blood pressure monitoring, improvements in AI deep learning, and possible Spotify integration.

The company acquired Zepp, a smart wearable brand originating from Silicon Valley, back in 2018. The takeover has helped Huami to elevate further into the smart wearables space with new innovations and technologies. In an interview, Zepp Health COO Mike Yeung told Wareable, “We are currently engaging with the US FDA and on areas such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring. While we are getting our own algorithm to be FDA certified, we are already in partnership with Alivecor here in the States.”


Alivcor has been producing EKG sensors and was the first company to get an ECG accessory for the Apple Watch approved by the FDA. “Everybody heard about how Apple Watch got FDA approval, but to be frank, almost 18 months before that, we actually had our Health Band certified as a medical device by the China FDA so it can measure ECG accurately as a medical device,” added Yeung.

The company is quite ambitious, and instead of playing catchup with Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit, it wants to go beyond them. It is working on cuffless blood pressure monitoring and glucose tracking. “Our biggest achievement is firstly our ECG, and secondly, sleep research. We’re going to continue to refine those further, and then the upcoming is in blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring. We are also quite optimistic now, based on current progress, about glucose monitoring. It’s been a difficult nut to crack, but we are now more optimistic than ever that we can do it.”

The company has been fairly successful thanks to its low-cost products. Additionally, Yeung says that one of the biggest differentiation and strengths for the company has been its algorithm along with their self-developed sensors and processors that are optimized for low power consumption. Zepp has been helping Amazfit in AI deep learning by collecting massive amounts of data and feeding it into an artificial intelligence deep learning engine. This helps optimize and improve those algorithms faster compared to the competitors with relatively fewer shipments.

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Zepp Health has also been working with the Chinese health authorities on COVID-19 detection and is on the path to success. “When the pandemic first started in China, we were independently using our own anonymous data and algorithm to see if we could detect people who might have COVID. We analyzed and predicted that in Europe, Spain would be probably the first country with a huge explosion of cases of COVID, based on our analysis of our own users using our algorithm,” Yeung said.

To garner more audiences globally, especially in the US, the company is partnering with big names, including Spotify. “We’re with ecosystem partners in some instances, such as Spotify. Music playing and payment, for example, are things we are engaging with all the local partners to beef up. Over half of our products are sold overseas, outside of China. But mostly in Europe and Southeast Asia. We do have a very ambitious plan for North America’s expansion. Actually, we planned to expand very aggressively in North America last year, but due to COVID, we suspended that to resume.”

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