Amazon’s Appstore on Windows 11 will only offer a small selection of Android apps at first

Amazon’s Appstore on Windows 11 will only offer a small selection of Android apps at first

When Microsoft announced Windows 11, it promised Android app support, something that still hasn’t been delivered. It was delayed beyond the launch date, and the official word at this point is that Insiders will be able to test the feature soon. Now, the Redmond firm has published documentation for the Windows Subsystem for Android.

The page has a wide range of information, from Android app development on Windows to information about the Amazon Appstore. However, toward the end there’s a note that not all Amazon Appstore apps are available on Windows 11.

“In order to be available on a Windows 11 device, an Android app must be published to the Amazon Appstore. Currently, only a small set of apps selected by Microsoft and Amazon are available.”

Update: Android apps are now officially available for Windows Insiders in the Beta channel. It works with 50 curated apps, and Microsoft says it will add more over time.


Obviously, the statement doesn’t say that this is a permanent thing. The new support page is in preparation for this to be pushed to Windows Insiders, not the general public. The company might be planning to light up the entire store by the time it goes live for everyone, or even at a later date. And of course, we’re asking Microsoft about this.

It would be a bit strange if it ended up only being a carefully curated list of apps. As mentioned above, there’s lots of information there about developing Android apps that will run on Windows 11, so anyone can make one. This could also have to do with Amazon’s agreements with its developers.

Whatever the reason and whatever happens when this is generally available, it’s clear that the Amazon Appstore will only offer a limited selection of apps when it launches for Insiders. That seems like it will be soon too, being that this page is published.

There are a few other bits of information on the page, such as a requirement for screens to be at least nine inches with a 720p or greater resolution. In other words, we’ll look forward to seeing people hacking their old Windows phones to get this to work. Also, Microsoft said that it’s only going to pull the Amazon Appstore down to your PC if you try to install it or another Android app. It’s not going to come by default.

The page does not say what Windows 11 build you’ll need in order to get the Windows Subsystem for Android. Obviously, it’s going to be offered to the Dev channel first.

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