Amazon Assistant helps you check prices on Amazon while shopping on other sites

Amazon Assistant helps you check prices on Amazon while shopping on other sites

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One of the best parts about shopping online is the vast variety of deals and offers you get from retailers. But getting a bargain on eCommerce websites could be a bit of a chore, especially with all the websites offering different deals on the same product. In a bid to simplify the process of hunting for a great deal, Amazon has now come up with the Amazon Assistant. The service is available within the Amazon Shopping app, as a standalone app, and even as a browser extension, and it allows you to quickly compare the price of any product on an eCommerce website with that of the same product on Amazon.

You can turn on the Amazon Assistant in the shopping app by heading to the app’s settings and tapping on the new Amazon Assistant option. The service will require you to enable the accessibility and draw-over apps permissions to show you the price comparisons in an overlay. Once you turn it on, the assistant will bring up a chat head with a link to the Amazon listing of the product you’re looking at. Tapping on it will redirect you to the Amazon listing which will show you a quick overview of its price, rating and FAQ section.

Assistant Chrome Extension

The browser extension works pretty much the same way, but it has an extra feature. Along with the price comparison, the Assistant extension will show you all your order and shipment updates, your universal registry and lists, and a link to your favorite products and deals. The standalone app works just like the assistant within the Amazon Shopping app and shows price comparisons when you’re browsing for products in your browser. If you already have the Amazon Shopping app on your phone, you can activate the Amazon Assistant as shown above or you can download the standalone app or Chrome extension from the links below.

Amazon Assistant Chrome Extension

Amazon Assistant
Amazon Assistant
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