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Add Alexa to your car for just $15 this Black Friday

Add Alexa to your car for just $15 this Black Friday

Ever wished your car was smarter and more interactive? Do you miss the convenience of using Alexa when you leave your smart home and go for a drive? Well, wish no more! Amazon’s Black Friday deals are live, and — for a limited time only — you can add Alexa to your car for just $15! By buying the Echo Auto now, you’re saving $35 — that’s a 70% off discount. This device is affordable, easy to set up, and will make your car rides smarter!

    Amazon's Echo Auto will bring Alexa to your car for $15 only. You can stream music, make calls, pay for gas, and do more through it. This is a limited-time deal, so save 70% and grab one while it's still in stock.

This Alexa-enabled device allows you to listen to music and radio stations from your favorite services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, TuneIn Radio, and much more. Setting it up is as easy as it gets:

  • Connect it to your car through the USB port or cigarette lighter and mount it to an air vent.
  • Use the Alexa app on your smartphone to initiate the setup process.
  • Before every drive, set your car stereo to Bluetooth or auxiliary and adjust the volume on your phone and stereo.
  • Ask Alexa for music, news, direction, and more.

Echo Auto is equipped with eight microphones, so it can hear you even if you’re playing loud music, have the air conditioner on, or are driving in a noisy environment. Speaking of microphones, you can also disconnect them at any time by pressing a single button. This way you ensure the device isn’t listening when you don’t want it to. And to further control your data, Amazon allows you to view, hear, or delete your voice recordings at any time.

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