Is the Amazon Echo Dot waterproof? Does it have an IP rating?

Is the Amazon Echo Dot waterproof? Does it have an IP rating?

Amazon’s Echo lineup has significantly grown over the past few years. The company’s Echo family is bigger than ever now and many of them have earned a respectable spot in our collection of the best smart speakers in 2022. The Echo Dot is perhaps one of the most popular Echo devices out there and it packs a lot of punch. There’s a lot to like about this particular tiny speaker for $40, making it very easy for us to recommend it.

If you’re looking to buy the Echo Dot speaker, you may be wondering if it’s waterproof and if it has an IP rating. It can, after all, be used as a portable speaker with the right accessories. The short answer, though, is no. The Amazon Echo Dot is not waterproof.


Don’t spill liquid on an Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

A lot of people don’t know this but none of Amazon’s Echo speakers are waterproof. Not just the Echo Dot. And by no waterproof support, we don’t just mean they can’t be submerged or splashed with water. It’s probably not a good idea to use the Echo Dot in any place where it may be affected by water or moisture. This means you should avoid using any of them outside when it’s raining, or near pools or a beach. You can’t use the Echo Dot near a pool or a beach unless you have a way to power it, but it’s still worth making a note of. These devices aren’t built to withstand water, so even a small amount of it could force you to shop for a new Echo Dot.

    The Amazon Echo is the best all-around smart speaker for most people with a nice design, great sound and the immense power of the Alexa ecosystem at its disposal.

Some like to put an Echo speaker in the bathroom and use Alexa to, say, listen to music or even order a shampoo when you run out of it mid-shower. Sure, Alexa can help you with that, but you should consider placing the Echo Dot somewhere away from water. You can buy a speaker mount and stick it to the wall or the ceiling. Alternatively, you can also place it on a wall shelf or a vanity where it’s safely tucked away from water. Regardless of the option to choose, we’d recommend leaving the speaker outside if you’re taking a hot shower. Essentially, saunas or other rooms with high moisture may permanently damage your Echo speaker.

    This simple accessory allows you to mount your Echo Dot speaker on a wall. It's available in two colors to match the Echo Dot colorways.

Look elsewhere if you need water resistance

Long story short — do not take the Echo Dot near water. You’re better off buying another Alexa-enabled portable speaker that is waterproof if you really need one. The UE Blast is a solid option to consider. It’s not nearly as affordable as the Echo dot, but it’s waterproof, has great audio output, and it works with Alexa too.

    The UE Blast is a solid alternative to the tiny Echo Dot speaker as it's waterproof and it works wirelessly too.

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